And so it [re] begins!

julio 12, 2010

There’s so much to catch up on I sort of don’t even feel like going there. For a simple run down, this is what’s been happening in my hair world during the last 4 months (wow…again, sorry for the unexpected hiatus):

  • I’ve witnessed growth, though I can’t tell how much because I haven’t taken the time to sit and measure it
  • My basic routine consists of co-washing at least 3 times a week (depending on how my hair feels), shampooing once a month, deep conditioning twice a month (I used to do it every week but stopped when my supplies started running low. also I kind of got lazy ;)), wearing protective styles for at least a week at a time followed by wash and gos and messy/side buns
  • I started using henna in my hair some time around mid-february. I LOVE HENNA! It’s not for everyone and I’ll go into the reasons why later but so far it’s increased shine, loosened my curl pattern (good and bad trait), kept my color a nice reddish hue (definitely appreciated) and aided with better definition
  • I’ve given up my product junkie ways (for the most part) and have found some favorites along the way and maybe one HG product (HG=holy grail, product that does miracles nearly every time). I’ll do mini reviews on all of them in a very near future post
  • I am enjoying experimenting with at home hair concoctions. For example, I’ve tried avocado and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) as a deep conditioner, I use an aloe mix as a curl refresher/leave in conditioner/detangle aid, and I have a tub of natural shea butter that I eventually want to make my own hair butter with.

I also have [recently] discovered a few things I [still] need to work on:

  • Trim my hair!! (I know it needs to be done, probably badly, but I’m hesitant to do it on my own. Last time I trimmed my hair it left my ends sort of crooked–bad hand-eye coordination. I’ve been thinking about getting it done at a salon but then I’m afraid they’ll sneak some horrid chemical in my hair and give me a pixie cut. Bah..maybe I’ll get my mom to do it)
  • Increase time spent in protective styles (to retain length and keep my curls from getting damaged)
  • Find a good supplement for skin, nails and hair (definitely need one for my skin/nails but if it addressed the hair that’s an added bonus)
  • Use my fingers to detangle more often than not (I have a tendency to rip through my hair at times. Not cute. But I’m impatient. This is another reason why I really need a trim)
  • Find the oils my hair likes best (just so I don’t waste money buying three different kinds)
  • Oil my ends every night!! (my ends are starting to look a bit frizzly..eek!)
  • Remember to always spritz my hair with my aloe glow or apply leave in conditioner before leaving the house

Overall my hair is much healthier and much happier than when I started this process. I’ve even received compliments from people I never expected to even notice. For example, a particularly critical co-worker has told me on more than one occasion that she loves my hair (especially when it’s out in a wash and go style) and it makes her wish she wore her hair natural. That’s a HUGE compliment coming from someone who swears by her weave as the end all be all of hair care and was quick to direct me to the nearest salon where I could get my hair “tamed” (“You need to visit the Dominicans. Especially with all that hair. There’s one right on your street…you know, at the corner of such and such”)

I just finished shampooing, detangling, and applying henna to my hair. It’s been a month since I’ve shampooed my hair or clarified it at all. My curls were admittedly starting to get stringy, so a good wash was definitely in order. However, I had some what of an ephiphany while lathering down my tresses….I don’t like my shampoo!! I used to blame the ”weird” texture my hair was left feeling like as a result of weeks of conditioner and natural oils getting built up and released. Now I realize it’s probably just that my shampoo sucks. This makes me sad because I kind of like the way it smells and I thought it was pretty safe to use on my hair (should have done more research! bought it in a PJ haze). Ah well, at least I’ve only used it once a month.

Usually when my curls start looking a bit sleepy and stop cooperating, I give it a quick pick me up with a clarifying treatment like a baking soda wash, followed by an ACV wash to keep my curls bouncy and alive. I try to do this as  rare as possible to not put unnecessary strain on my hair. I guess I need to change up my routine a bit. For one I’ve fallen out of the habit of deep conditioning it every week. I think that really helped my hair in the beginning…so back on that. And also, I need to find some more cute protective styles because the braids and twists and buns are getting old again.

Tomorrow I get to wash this warm gunk out of my hair and I can’t wait! Henna treatments are not pleasant in Baltimore heat. I should do a henna post tomorrow for all those who have wondered and never dared. Hmm…well that’s all for now kids! Queue update photos in next post.


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