Who’s that curl?

julio 12, 2010

"Help" Hair, Jan 2010

After the "big trim", Jan 2010

After an attempt at roller setting my hair (I brushed the curls out), Jan 2010

After I started using Henna, Feb 2010

Braid out, Feb 2010

Thicker & Stronger, March 2010

Still a Red Head, March 2010

Curls Are Popping 😀 May 2010

Rock Star Hair, June 2010

Taken a few hours ago....

I've been wearing my hair in a side bun the past few days so my curls are stretching

Shoulder length? Nothing big. At least it's grown from where I trimmed it

During detangling

So there you have it folks. My hair feels stronger and healthier. It looks shinier and a bit longer. I want to focus on length retention now so I’m going to start diving into some serious protective styling. My hair goal? To eventually rock a huge fro just like Leela James 😉 Would also love to wear long twists and braids that shrinkage cannot keep above  mid-shoulder!

No such thing as too much hair...I want this length badly!

I'd like to think I'm getting there...lolz (this isn't the best example..have to blow it out more)


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